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IoT Control and Data Acquisition

Connect to the "Edge" with ICADA™ and Unique Micro Design (UMD) managed Edge Solutions Platform. Adding eyes and ears to software™.

Asset Tracking

Warehouse Inventory Management

Logistics and Transport

Supply Chain

Production Monitoring and Manufacturing


Retail and Point of Service

Patron Access and Ticketing

Solving your productivity solutions needs, helping to automate and manage your systems, and adding real time visibility and control to your operations.

Why automate your data capture?

Enhanced Tracking And Security

What is ICADA:

UMD ICADA: IoT Control and Data Acquisition (ICADA) is a monitoring and control architecture developed by Unique Micro Design (UMD) to add real time visibility and control, using IoT cloud-based technologies to collect, display and action data

ICADA can be delivered using UMD Edge Solution, UMD’s managed services, with API’s or Software Connectors enabling simple integration for ISV and Enterprise Software which is “Uniquely” configured to meet your needs. ICADA is based on low-cost distribution IoT sensors network using lightweight infrastructure.

Customised Solutions

Technologies and Services


IoT and Sensors


Mobile Computing

Software (Device, Middleware and Cloud)

Engineering Development and Support Services

Managed Edge Services (Design, Installation, Support)

Custom Electronic Engineering (Design and Manufacture)

ICADA can provide real time visibility across disparate systems

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What ICADA can do for your business:

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IoT Broker Based

Minimal infrastructure required. All in the cloud.

IoT Broker Uses

Data can be published to many data sources.

Lightweight Infrastructure

Typically, wireless connectivity.

Easy Installation

Minimal or no impact on legacy systems.

Greater Visibility

Better control and monitoring over your products, systems and work flow.

Flexible Platform

Uniquely configured to meet customers distinct problems.

Productivity solutions
delivered using our
gineering IoT solution"™ skills

Design and manufacture electronic and IoT devices.
Support through our engineering, software and support services.
Source standard products from our various agencies.

ICADA based solution are installed where:

existing infrastructure exists and minimum interference is required.
additional visibility is required, which is not provided by existing systems.
functional enhancements are required either above and beyond the existing legacy system or is more economical and simpler to do via ICADA

ICADA already connects to a number of Edge devices including: UMD RACE (RFID), Sensors, Advantech and Milesight. ICADA is designed to overlay on existing systems such as ERP and SCADA systems. ICADA typically uses lightweight wireless infrastructure (Wi-fi, LoRaWAN and Cellular) and proximity sensors, so as not to interfere with existing systems.


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